Did you know that…

… the compression pressure of a cylinder in a Perkins engine is about 30-35 bar?

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This corresponds approximately to the pressure at 300 m depth. So we are already in the lightless area of the sea – the so-called deep sea. All Perkins engines are of high quality design and, thanks to extensive testing, also perform well under special conditions. This example shows how powerful a Perkins engine is.

However, due to a defect, your engine may need to be replaced. Sometimes engines are not economically repairable or the time factor, which is becoming more and more important today, does not allow for a repair. In order to offer our customers a quick solution in such cases, we guarantee constant availability of over 200 different variants of Perkins exchange engines.

Extend the life of your machine with a replacement engine from Perkins

For many years BU Power Systems and Perkins have been providing bespoke engine reconditioning services to extend the life of your machine and provide a better return on your investment. To meet your current requirements, we have revised and extended our range of services. We now offer the industry’s most comprehensive range of reconditioned Perkins exchange engines. These are now available even faster. We offer our customers a comprehensive range of solutions – from complete replacements to individual components:

New complete replacement (complete engine)

BU Power Systems offers new replacement engines (with a warranty of at least 12 months), also as a complete solution for selected models. These complete solutions help you meet emissions standards, minimize downtimes and reduce labor costs.

Long engines of the 100 / 400 series

As a cost-effective alternative to a complete replacement engine, our long engines are built to offer customers flexibility and added value. The long engines are equipped with a new injection system (injection pump and injection nozzles) and, if necessary, turbo charger. You simply build your dismantled attachments to the long engine to restore the factory engine performance. You also benefit from full guarantees and compliance with emission standards.

Short / long blocks and repaired short / long blocks

Our short / long blocks are a cost-effective repair option with minimal downtime and offer a fast, reliable solution in the event of major damage to Perkins engines. Our repaired short / long blocks are manufactured to the same specifications as new products and have the same guaranteed quality and warranty – but at a fraction of the cost. By replacing the existing engine core, our (reconditioned) short / long blocks can offer even greater v

BU Power Systems – experts for reconditioned and replacement engines

BU Power Systems is even able to support you with engines that are no longer in production or with engines from other manufacturers. We have proven processes to ensure that every replacement engine – whether new or reconditioned – meets the respective required emissions standards. Quality is always a priority for us, which is why we use the latest technologies for engine repair. This allows us to ensure that the replacement engine meets its original OEM specification and has the quality standard of a new product. This not only guarantees the engine performance and reliability you need, but also saves energy and resources and contributes to a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective operation.

Why use an exchange engine from BU Power Systems?

  • Comparable performance at a fraction of the cost of a new machine (choose replacement engine or new investment)
  • Optimal service and high availability
  • High quality (special test procedures and quality standards, test runs on the in-house engine test bench and a BU Power Systems engine passport)
  • Exclusive use of genuine Perkins spare parts for repairs
  • Various “add ons” possible: flexible mounting, or provision of original Perkins engine components possible (starter, alternator, etc.)
  • Simple installation (also possible by BU Power Systems service technicians)
  • Better management of the machine life cycle
  • Reduction of downtime
  • A more environmentally friendly solution
  • 12 months warranty

As your exclusive Perkins distributor, BU Power Systems offers original quality at reasonable prices. If you have any questions about the Perkins Exchange Program, please call our service phone 0800 5451 5451. Please see our current special offer for Perkins exchange engines – and components.

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