Perkins fuel injection systems

Power with precision

From poor and idling, to reduced performance and failed emissions, the signs of worn or sub-standard fuel injectors and pumps are hard to ignore.

Tailored to perform

Fuel injection systems are complex and essential for optimum engine operation, so Perkins makes every part with breathtaking precision. Wider injection holes compromise efficiency, which is why Perkins’ injector nozzle holes are engineered with diameters as small as 99 microns, equivalent to the width of a human hair, in order to deliver optimum in-engine fuelling performance. Perkins injectors and pumps are designed specifically for your engine and are thoroughly tested by Perkins engineers to ensure they meet the strict performance and emissions standards. There really is only one way to guarantee your engine’s power delivery and long-term health: make sure you replace pumps and fuel injectors with genuine Perkins parts.

Non-genuine is no substitute

To have 100 percent confidence in your fuel system you need 100 percent genuine parts. Sub-standard quality and lack of precision will compromise your engine’s performance. Perkins is unique in offering perfect-match parts that ensure optimum power and efficiency.

Clear advantages
  • Highest quality genuine parts
  • Precision engineered to the latest factory specification
  • Competitively priced
  • Choice of buying options
  • Environmentally friendly remanufactured option
  • As-new quality and performance
  • 12-month warranty

As your exclusive Perkins distributor, we offer you power with failsafe precision at fair prices – special prices are available until 31 December 2019. Call our free service phone and place your order now or get more information +49 (0) 800 5451 5451.