Perkins Filters

Genuine quality, no compromise

Requirements on filter systems of modern combustion engines are steadily increasing. More engine power, higher pressures and temperatures. As a result, we achieve less wear, lower fuel consumption and better emission values. Here, too, Perkins focuses on quality and filter performance offering you the right filter system which has been manufactured to meet the requirements of your Perkins engine.

Oil filters

State-of-the-art technology, the use of the highest quality materials, non-return and pressure relief valves, sealing rings, adhesives and filter media guarantee an optimum oil flow and protect your engine against low oil in every operating application and thus prevent wear or engine damage.

Fuel filters

Only the highest quality materials are used in the production of Perkins genuine fuel filters and thus protect, for example, the high-pressure injection system from damage caused by dirt particles in com-mon-rail fuel systems.

Air filters

A genuine Perkins air filter stops 99,99% of particles, preventing damage to valves, rings and turbochargers while also maximising the free airflow.

Your benefits from using Perkins original filters
  • Filter performance of dirt particles of only 2 microns = 0.002 mm
  • Efficiency of up to 98.7%
  • Perkins filters achieve the best results in comparison tests of filter capacity regarding oil, diesel and air filters
  • Active support of environmental protection
  • Low maintenance and operating costs

As your exclusive Perkins distributor we offer you genuine quality at fair prices. If you have any questions you can reach us at any time via our free service telephone +49 (0) 800 5451 5451.

Special prices available until 30 September 2019.