BU Spare Parts

Genuine product quality – delivered promptly

Whether you carry out the repairs on your engine on your own or you commission the BU Service Team, we offer you a comprehensive range of new and used original spare parts. Sophisticated warehousing at our respective locations allows us to see to our customer inquiries within 24 hours - all over Europe. From BU spare parts service you will receive original Perkins spare parts with manufacturer's warranty, which are precisely suitable for your engine and are constantly being further developed. We deliver both new parts and exchange components.

Spare parts

BU Power Systems offers you the original quality you need to optimize the life of your engine. Continuous stock and order analyses ensure that all relevant spare parts are always available at short notice. Our spare parts portfolio includes maintenance parts (e.g., filters, belts, rocker cover gaskets), overhauling kits (e.g., pistons, rings, bushes, bearings, gaskets), electric components (e.g., alternators, glow plugs, switches) and engine oil (Perkins Diesel Engine Oil).

Perkins original filters

Requirements on filter systems of modern combustion engines are steadily increasing. More engine power, higher pressures and temperatures. As a result, we achieve less wear, lower fuel consumption and better emission values. Here, too, Perkins focuses on quality and filter performance offering you the right filter system.

  • Perkins oil filter for optimum engine lubrication
  • Perkins fuel filter for improved protection of injectors
  • Perkins air filter – no harmful particles
  • Perkins particulate filter to comply with emission standards

Your advantages:

  • Filter performance of dirt particles of only 2 microns = 0.002 mm
  • Efficiency of up to 98.7%
  • Perkins filters achieve the best results in comparison tests of filter capacity regarding oil, diesel and air filters
  • Active support of environmental protection
  • Low maintenance and operating costs

Electric components

The perfect start of your Perkins engine actually depends on the correct installation of all relevant electrical components. Please always check the following components when replacing electric items:

  • Starter ring gear: check for wear / condition
  • V-belt: check the correct tension / condition
  • Cable connections: check for corrosion
  • Nuts and screws: check for tightness

Perkins original EP service kits

Perkins genuine EP service kits include all original Perkins spare parts for the 500 and 1,000 hour maintenance of EP 400 and 1100 Series EP engines.

Your advantages:

  • Savings through low package prices
  • Convenient ordering process as there is only one order number per kit
  • Quality of original spare parts from Perkins

Current offer:
Perkins fuel injection systems

Fuel injection systems are complex and essential for optimum engine operation. For this reason, Perkins manufactures every part with the highest precision. This ensures optimum engine performance.

Learn more about Perkins fuel injection systems and our current offer.

Perkins Direct Delivery

With Perkins Direct Delivery, ordering and shipping original Perkins spare parts is comfortable and easy. Orders are placed with BU Power Systems and shipped directly from the nearest warehouse to you the next working day.