Perkins Platinum Protection

Extended warranty

Why invest in a Perkins warranty extension

The Perkins Platinum Protection (extended warranty) is the most effective protection for Perkins engines. Available in flexible packages, Perkins Platinum Protection protects you against unexpected repair bills, at the best possible low price. With the comprehensive cover you can rest assured that up to 100% of your Perkins engine components will be covered against all circumstances, excluding costs for maintenance and damage caused by misuse. Highly qualified service technicians guarantee reliable service.

Your advantages:
  • Unbeatable value for money – with no excess to pay
  • Flexible packages between two and five years or according to defined operating hours
  • No add-on charges for operating in harsh environment
  • All repairs are carried out by highly qualified technicians
  • Total cost management
  • Exclusive use of original Perkins spare parts for a long-lasting reliable engine performance
  • All round protection against unexpected repair costs
  • Transferable – in case you sell your machine
How you get covered

You have to apply for Perkins Platinum Protection (extended warranty) at BU Power Systems, your exclusive Perkins distributor, before your standard factory warranty expires. Find out more and contact us at any time via our free service telephone +49 (0) 800 5451 5451.