Did you know that…

… Perkins high pressure fuel systems operate at 29,000 psi?

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That’s approximately 800 x higher than a car tyre pressure.

The injection system of the Perkins engine is essential for the performance, fuel consumption and emission values of the engine. In particular, the emission values ​​of current and future emission standards are in focus. The fuel injection pumps are very complex technical components. Each pump is precisely calibrated to ensure that exactly the right amount of fuel is delivered through the injection valve into the combustion chamber for maximum performance and optimum fuel efficiency. Perkins Common Rail Injection produces pressures of approximately 29,000 psi. All components of the Perkins injection system are manufactured to the latest state of the art and are subject to the highest quality standards.

Perkins genuine fuel filter

Perkins engines are equipped with a high-performance fuel injection system and therefore require high-quality fuel (DIN EN 590). To protect the injection systems, all engines are equipped with first-class original Perkins fuel filters or fuel pre-filters. These Perkins fuel filters are designed to filter dirt particles and water from the fuel for the engine to work properly. Contamination in the fuel can lead to loss of performance, excessive smoke, higher emission values or, in the worst case, expensive damage to the fuel pump and injectors. Perkins original fuel filters are designed to meet the exact requirements, ensuring the highest quality. Perkins original fuel filters provide highly efficient particle and water separation throughout the fuel system, protecting against excessive wear and reducing the risk of injector failure.

Perkins injectors

Perkins injectors are highly complex components in the fuel system. Under high pressure (approx. 29000 psi), the injectors inject the exact amount of fuel into the combustion chamber at the exact time and thus ensure optimum combustion of the fuel and compliance with the emission values. Since the extremely fine holes can clog quickly, for example due to poorly filtered fuel, this can lead to blockages and thus to permanent failures.

Is your injection system damaged?

A defect always raises the question whether a repair is possible. BU Power Systems offers you a comprehensive service portfolio in the event of a defect in the injection pump.

You can choose from the following three alternatives:

  • we supply you with the original Perkins new part
  • we supply you with a Perkins replacement part
  • we offer you a repair of the defective injection pump.

The repair of your injection pump can also be a viable and cost-effective alternative to new parts. You send us your defective old part and we will provide you with a cost estimate on the basis of which we will coordinate the repair of your injection pump with you. After the damage assessment you decide about the further procedure.

Depending on the technical necessity and economic efficiency, we also recommend the use of Perkins replacement parts. Perkins replacement parts are remanufactured Perkins products that undergo a standardized remanufacturing process. The result is a product of the same high quality as any other original Perkins spare parts. The warranty period is 12 months. You can order the replacement products from us in OEM quality and with short delivery times.

You are interested in Perkins injection systems or our extensive overhaul portfolio? We will be happy to advise you.

Please also note our current special offer for Perkins injectors and injection pumps.

Download Perkins injection systems information.

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