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… BU Power Systems currently has approximately 195,000 spare parts in stock?

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Taken together, these spare parts have a total weight of just under 160,000 kg – roughly equivalent to the weight of 26 African elephant bulls, the heaviest land mammals on earth. All these spare parts are Perkins original spare parts and available for immediate delivery. Whether you repair your engine yourself or hire the BU team, we offer a full range of original Perkins spare parts. Sophisticated warehousing at the locations allows us to serve our customers within 24 hours – throughout Europe.

BU Power Systems offers you the genuine quality you need to ensure that your engine has a long life and runs optimally. Continuous stock and order analyses ensure that common spare parts are always available at short notice.

The original Perkins spare parts are shipped from the Perkins central warehouse in Irlam / Manchester (Great Britain). The central warehouse has an area of approx. 18,000 m² with over 130,000 different spare parts. In addition, BU Power Systems has regional warehouses and ensures a constant availability of approx. 32,000 original Perkins spare parts. Customers can order until 4.30 pm and delivery takes place on the following working day until 12 noon.

In addition to the single Perkins original spare parts, we also offer spare part kits. These kits also consist exclusively of original Perkins spare parts. All relevant spare parts are available in one delivery. BU Power Systems can also create and store individual, customer-specific spare part kits. In this way we support you to increase your range of services and at the same time minimize your own spare parts stock – as well as your costs.

In the following you will find all the benefits of Perkins original spare parts at a glance:
  • Original parts are produced and supplied by the same supplier and from the same manufacturing process as the parts installed in the engine production line.
  • All original part manufacturers are approved through the Perkins quality process, where the manufacturer delivers the part using Perkins’ own tools, which can only be used for original parts, after the original print.
  • This ensures that each part is manufactured to the correct dimensions and material specifications and functions as designed in the engine.
  • This allows your engine to benefit from long running times and avoids consequential faults.
  • Perkins original spare parts are subject to a manufacturer’s warranty.
 Risks if you do not use original Perkins spare parts:
  • The biggest risk with non-original components is that the manufacturer does not have access to the original print and therefore must reverse engineer the part.
  • Specific design tolerances and special design features cannot be taken into account – they are based on thousands of hours of experience operating prototype engines during validation.
  • In addition, non-genuine components are manufactured in much smaller quantities, so the manufacturing process is likely to be less robustly controlled, which can affect the quality of the components.
  • Non-original parts vendors do not have access to the original assembly data for your specific engine, so there is a risk that they may not be able to supply all the right parts you need to fulfill the order.
  • Installing non-original components can result in the engine not running as desired, resulting in application downtime and costly repairs.

You are interested in our customized Perkins spare part kits? We will be happy to advise you.

Please also note our current special offer for Perkins filters. Download spare part information here.

Perkins tests its engines and parts in extreme environments, e.g. at high altitudes, high and low temperatures and even tilted to 45 degrees. Learn more…

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