Did you know that…

… the exhaust temperature of a Perkins® 854 engine is around 700° Celsius?

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That is the temperature at which lava erupts from a volcano.

This is just one example that shows what your Perkins engine can do and how much stress it puts on its components. Regular maintenance is necessary to ensure this special performance of your engine and to ensure that your engine will last as long as possible.

Professional maintenance for best engine performance

Maintaining your Perkins engine is the key to its optimum performance. Slight changes in performance can easily go un-noticed, often a drop of 20 percent in performance can happen before the operator notices. Missing service intervals can lead to reduction in performance, let alone the worst case of a vital part failing.

Important: appropriate service intervals

The performance checks required will vary by engine type and operating conditions, so it is wise to ensure the checks and frequency are right for your engine. The regular checks that you need to carry out fall into daily and weekly categories, along with regular servicing and specified intervals. They all have the same aim of ensuring that your engine runs as long as possible at the maximum efficiency. No two schedules are exactly the same, so you should always check the schedule for your particular engine.

It is also worth noting that the checks either relate to the calendar time or the hours your engine has been running. Checks should take place far more often on an engine in almost constant use than for one used occasionally. So, for example, changing the engine coolant is recommended every two years – but it will need attention sooner if your engine runs for 3,000 hours, which is the equivalent of running 24/7 for just over four months.

The BU Service will help you determine the optimum service intervals for your Perkins engine to ensure an ideal engine performance and that your business processes run smoothly. Use the BU Maintenance Service to keep your costs as low as possible in the long term, prevent machine breakdowns and avoid major repairs.

In addition to standard maintenance, we are specialists for extraordinary maintenance, partial or complete overhauls of all engine repairs. Every service is agreed in advance, planned in detail, carried out on site or in our workshops using all repair and diagnostic equipment, thus minimizing downtimes.

Moreover, we offer solutions that extend the life of your engine through special products: service packages for diesel particulate filters, Perkins Extended Life Coolant, Perkins Diesel Engine Oil, maintenance contracts with different terms and service intervals, maintenance kits for your engine (also individually customised), extended warranty.

 Always use Perkins genuine filters

Have you thought about checking the filters in your Perkins engine this year and replacing them if necessary?

Oil filters

State-of-the-art technology, the use of the highest quality materials, non-return and pressure relief valves, sealing rings, adhesives and filter media guarantee an optimum oil flow and protect your engine against low oil in every operating application and thus prevent wear or engine damage.

Fuel filters

Only the highest quality materials are used in the production of Perkins genuine fuel filters and thus protect, for example, the high-pressure injection system from damage caused by dirt particles in com-mon-rail fuel systems.

Air filters

A genuine Perkins air filter stops 99,99% of particles, preventing damage to valves, rings and turbochargers while also maximising the free airflow.

New: Perkins® Ecoplus-Filters

Perkins has extended its Perkins® Ecoplus range of filters with the addition of a newly designed oil filter.

The Perkins® Ecoplus oil filter has been fitted on the new EU Stage V Perkins® Syncro 3.6 and 2.8 litre engines. Previously utilising a spin-on oil filter across its engine range, Perkins has taken the opportunity to upgrade the filter as part of the design work undertaken on the new engine range. As with all Perkins Ecoplus filters, the oil filter now includes a replaceable element that fits inside the filter housing on the machine. This reduces waste as there is no metal canister to dispose of, compared to the typical spin-on filter.

 New Perkins® Ecoplus oil filters enable a quick and clean change

An immediate benefit for customers is the clean change that’s now possible, thanks to a modification to the angle of the filter. The new filter is upright which makes it easier to access and as soon as the cap is opened the oil automatically drains back into the block.

As your exclusive Perkins distributor, BU Power Systems offers original quality at reasonable prices. If you have any questions, please contact us. Please also note our current special offer for Perkins filters.

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