BU Sales

The appropriate engine
for each of your machines

BU Power Systems offers customized engine solutions between 4 and 2000 kW for industry, construction, agriculture, material handling as well as for power generation and ships. More than 170 employees across Europe ensure professional product advice and comprehensive service for all engine needs. Our customers benefit from an intercultural business partner with local proximity and from the advantages of a Europe-wide, highly specialized group of companies.

Perkins industrial engines

Perkins engines increase the performance and productivity of your machines. The BU Sales team will help you to find the right engine as well as the appropriate additional components for your project and will support you with comprehensive installation and application advice.

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Perkins engines for power generation

For more than 85 years, Perkins has been manufacturing engines for power aggregates and generators; the company is one of the world market leaders in the Electric Power (EP) segment. Whether standby generators or emergency power generators, peak load capacitors, primary power generation or percussive motors - Perkins provides efficient and reliable solutions for your application.

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Marine engines and marine power generators (on-board gensets)

Perkins marine engines are known worldwide for their reliability and robustness, and have been used as propulsion engines in recreational boats as well as in professional ships for decades. Perkins marine engines for power generators have all required important international certificates and classifications.

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Gas engines

Perkins gas engines are long-lasting and reliable – this is proven by daily worldwide applications in a wide variety of environments and operating conditions. Low costs over the entire product lifecycle make them particularly economical. With the 4000-series engines, product solutions are available in a wide performance range. Our experts are at your disposal to assist you regarding design and specifications.

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Germany, Austria and Switzerland only

FG Wilson electric power generators

As a long-standing partner of FG Wilson, BU Power Systems acts as an importer for the German, Austrian and Swiss market. BU Power Systems offers isolated solutions for the distributed power supply as well as mobile units for the individual power supply on site, on construction sites and reliable emergency power supplies for critical applications such as hospitals, airports, data centres, telecommunication networks as well as residential, industrial and commercial applications.
The FG Wilson experts from BU Power Systems work closely with the OEMs to develop solutions for the most demanding and complex requirements. At the same time, we focus on power supply security and energy cost reduction.

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Germany only

Genmac electric power generators

In addition to the FG Wilson range, BU Power Systems also offers portable and stationary generators of the Genmac brand. For almost 40 years, the Italian manufacturer has specialized in the production of generators in the range 1 kVA to 3000 kVA. Genmac is certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008.

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Denmark only

Lombardini marine engines

In order to meet the local requirements of the Danish marine engine market and to offer a product range as broad as possible, BU Power Systems distributes Lombardini marine engines in Denmark. We work with about ten service partners so that we can support our customers optimally throughout Denmark. Contact us for the sale of new Lombardini engines and original Lombardini spare parts as well as for the service and guarantee handling of your Lombardini engines.

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BU Installation and Application

Expert integration of our engine
into your machine

The sales and application engineers from BU Power Systems support and advise you comprehensively regarding the implementation of the optimum engine solution for you.
Our services at a glance:

  • Consulting: Project analysis as well as elaboration of customer requirements and concept development for an engine solution
  • CAD-supported technical integration workshop
  • Prototype development: Integration of individualized engines with tested add-on components (application management)
  • Sourcing: Commercial processing and development of a reliable forecast and delivery process
  • Training: Training for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) service organization
  • Warranty: Extended warranty periods on request
Customer-oriented solutions for engine integration

Accessories and add-on components (added value components)

BU Power Systems offers solutions tailored to your specific requirements for the electrical and mechanical integration of Perkins engines, for example with SAE J1939 CAN bus control, through the integration of individualized cable harnesses or with adapted cooling systems. The system solutions recommended by our application engineers offer a multitude of advantages:

  • Optimization of the installation situation
  • Tested components, according to the manufacturers’ specifications
  • Simplification of assembly / installation
  • Reduction of parts diversity / storage
  • Reduction of possible tool costs
  • Simplification of the documentation
  • Selection according to Perkins specifications
  • Serviceability
  • Cost optimization
We can offer the following accessories and add-on components:

  • Installation: SAE QuickFits, equipment, vibration dampers, engine bearings
  • Air system: silencers, expansion joints, air filters / pipes, hoses, compressors, control valves
  • Fuel system: filters, fittings, water cutters, tanks, pipes
  • Cooling system: radiators, preheats, fans, belts, spacers
  • Output: Hydraulic pumps, gearboxes, clutches, generators
  • electronics / control: instruments, displays, sensors, accelerators, harnesses
Engine installation
SAE QuickFits,
engine mountings
Engine air management
exhaust muffler,
air filters /
pipes, hoses
air compressor,
control valves
Fuel system
filter, fittings,
water seperator
fuel tanks,
Cooling system
fan, fan drives /
PTO components
hydraulic pumps
Electronics / controls
instruments, displays,
gauges, senders
wiring looms
Perkins Platinum Protection

Extended warranty

Within the warranty period of your Perkins engine, we provide our customers with the opportunity to extend the engine protection with “Perkins Platinum Protection”. Here, we offer you various options regarding the warranty period in terms of time period and operating hours.