BU Power Systems

Europe-wide engine expertise

As an appointed Perkins distributor BU Power Systems is responsible for the sales and the after-sales service of Perkins diesel and gas engines in Germany, Italy, Poland, Denmark, the Czech Republic and the Balkans. The company is present in the respective markets with legally independent companies, each operating under the “BU Power Systems” brand.

The BU Power Group offers customized engine solutions for industry, construction, agriculture, material handling as well as for power generation and ships. More than 170 employees across Europe ensure professional product advice and comprehensive service for all engine needs. Our customers therefore benefit from an intercultural business partner with local proximity and from the advantages of a Europe-wide, highly specialized group of companies.

The BU Power Group has service centres, workshops and warehouses in Germany, Italy, Poland, Croatia, Slovenia and the Czech Republic. The storage space for Perkins’ extensive range of engines, generator sets and original parts covers more than 7,000 m2.

In 1989 the company took on its first Perkins contract for North-West Germany. Since 2005 the BU Power Group has been an appointed Perkins dealer with exclusive distribution rights for the German, since 2008 for the Polish and since 2011 for the Italian market. Since 2012 the company has been the official Perkins and Perkins Marine Power distributor for Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Albania and Malta. In January 2017, BU Power Systems became Perkins distributor for Denmark, Greenland and Faroer Islands. As of January 1, 2020 the company has been responsible for the sales and after-sales service of Perkins diesel engines and gas engines as well as Perkins marine engines for the Czech Republic.

The company’s service portfolio extends from sales through spare parts service to the individual services. The sales service includes a qualified product consulting with a conceptual drawing, prototype development, product customization through application management, sourcing and training. A comprehensive after-sales service ensures professional engine support. Due to short reaction times, professional management and a high availability of spare parts, BU Service meets the highest Perkins service standard.

As a Level-3 certified Perkins distributor, BU Power Systems provides its customers with a reliable high-quality service. Fully-equipped service vans guarantee rapid assistance. Our emergency service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Whether inspections, maintenance, repairs, spare parts service, overhauls, warranty processing or warranty extension – BU Service offers the full range of services relevant to the engine.


We want to be recognized by companies utilizing industrial engines and related products as the most capable and competent organization in the industry. BU Power Systems can expand further on the Perkins brand and offers unique current and future value solutions. In doing so, BU Power Systems is striving to become the primary choice for partners and customers. BU Power Systems helps their customers to grow in their own market sectors.


BU Power Systems offers its current and potential customers a unique set of high quality services and products. The BU Power Systems team is passionate, dedicated and competent, with a strong focus on the customers’ business success, growth and profitability.

Core values


Integrity – is the basis for everything we say and do. We are always honest, loyal and respectful with others such as our colleagues, customers or other people involved in our business; we respect their ideas, roles and diversity like gender, race, religion etc.

  • We are committed to delivering on our promises.
  • We act according to the company’s ethical code. By doing so we build up trust, which is the foundation of our reputation as individuals and as a company.


Teamwork – stands for the importance and collective power of working and acting as a team. We help each other to reach success and we respect and value each other’s opinions. For us, it is crucial to be successful as a team.

  • We know a great team can achieve far better results than its members could individually.
  • We enjoy working as a team, have fun doing what we are doing and appreciate the teamwork.

Customer focus

Customer focus – we are a fully committed team with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.

  • We are committed to doing our absolute best; ultimately, we want to make sure that our clients get to enjoy the best possible customer experience.
  • We recognize that the commitment and performance of our team is valued by our customers and that this makes us different from our competitors.

Making things happen

Making things happen – We are driven to make things happen. We know it is important to analyse, review, discuss and make sure we have collected sufficient information to make solid decisions.

  • Once a decision has been made, we take action: We always commit to delivering on our promises internally and externally and to making things happen.
  • We never leave (justifiable) customer requests unanswered. We try again
    and again to ensure ultimate success.


Uniqueness – Our customers choose BU Power Systems proposals, products or services because they are perceived as “unique and better than others” – and on top of this – we are valued for our high-quality customer relationships.

  • We always aim to be seen, valued and selected by customers as offering uniquely tailored proposals. We strive to meet our customers‘ business needs, add real value to their businesses and exceed their expectations – in the short and in the long term.
  • The BU Power Systems team aims to offer its customers outstanding deals that the competition cannot match.
BU Power Systems in Europe

Our locations in Germany

The headquarters of BU Power Systems is located in Ibbenbüren, North Rhine-Westphalia. With service centres in Ibbenbüren, Kleinostheim, Mössingen and Peißenberg and with our mobile service vans, we are able to react quickly and reach our customers at every location in Germany. Both our service centres and the service vans have a selected stock of spare parts. This storage system makes it possible - in case of a repair - to make the desired original parts available promptly.

BU Italia background Placeholder
BU Italia background
BU Italia Placeholder
BU Italia

BU Power Systems in Italy

Since March 2011, BU Power Systems Italy has been the exclusive Perkins distributor in Italy. Three locations, including Gironico (near Como), the Meolo branch (near Venice) and the Castel San Pietro Terme branch (near Imola), offer the complete Perkins performance portfolio for your engine – from sales to service. All three locations are Level 3-certified Perkins service partners ensuring a consistently high quality of service. Intelligent bearing systems guarantee fast delivery of Perkins original spare parts.

BU Power Systems Italia S.r.l.
Via Leonardo Da Vinci, n. 1
località Gironico
22041 Colverde (CO)
T +39 031 463 3411
F +39 031 463 3473
[email protected]

IVA 03266470131

BU Power Systems in Poland

BU Power Systems Poland represents the complete Perkins service portfolio, from sales through spare parts sales to individual service as a Level 3-certified Perkins service partner. A selected spare parts store ensures fast delivery of Perkins original spare parts.

BU Power Systems Polska Sp.zo.o.
ul. Puławska 506/508, building “D”
02-844 Warsaw
T +48 (22) 57704-30
F +48 (22) 57704-40
[email protected]

BU Polen background Placeholder
BU Polen background
BU Polen Placeholder
BU Polen
BU Denmark background Placeholder
BU Denmark background
BU Denmark Placeholder
BU Denmark

BU Power Systems in Denmark

The roots of BU Power Systems Denmark ApS can be traced back to the year 1896. Originally founded as a company for constructing bicycles, the founder Fred Rasmussen has led his company through success in the automobile industry. In 1946, Fred Rasmussen received Perkins’ exclusive sales license for Denmark, and since then has specialized more and more in engines and has accumulated extensive experience and expertise in the diesel engine business. As of January 1, 2017, BU Power Systems Denmark ApS took over the business of Fred Rasmussen and is responsible for the sales and after-sales service of Perkins diesel engines and gas engines as well as Perkins marine engines for Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Our employees at the Odense site will be happy to advise you about all your engine, spare parts and service issues. Service vehicles ensure quick on-site assistance.

BU Power Systems Denmark ApS
Bygmestervej 7B
5750 Ringe
T +45 65 560 560
[email protected]

BU Power Systems in Croatia

As of March 1, 2012, BU Power Systems is the official Perkins and Perkins Marine Power Distributor for Croatia. Our offices in Slovenia and Croatia serve all Balkan countries: Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. Selected service partners support our team in Rijeka.

BU Power Sistemi d.o.o.
Viškovo 138
51216 Viškovo
T +385 (0) 51 545701
F +385 (0) 51 256652
[email protected]

BU Croatia background Placeholder
BU Croatia background
BU Croatia Placeholder
BU Croatia
BU Slovenia background Placeholder
BU Slovenia background
BU Slovenia Placeholder
BU Slovenia

BU Power Systems in Slovenia

Since 1 March 2012, BU Power Systems has been the official Perkins and Perkins Marine Power Distributor for all states in the Balkans: Slovenia, Croatia Bosnia & Herzegovina, Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania. Experienced employees guarantee professional product advice and complete service around the engine.

Selected service partners support our team in Kranj.

BU Power Sistemi d.o.o.
Suceva ulica 25
4000 Kranj
T +386 (0) 590 76 50 0
F +386 (0) 590 76 50 4
[email protected]

BU Power Systems in Czech Republic

As of January 1, 2020, BU Power Systems s.r.o. took over the business of BEL, spol. s.r.o. and is Perkins appointed distributor for the Czech Republic. BU Power Systems s.r.o. offers the complete Perkins service portfolio, from sales through spare parts sales to individual service, and is a Level 3 certified Perkins service partner. A selected spare parts store ensures fast delivery of Perkins original spare parts.

BU Power Systems s.r.o.
Beranových 65
199 02 Praha 9
T +420 274 773 493
F +420 274 812 023
[email protected]

BU CZ Background Placeholder
BU CZ Background
BU CZ Placeholder